Life Tracker XYZ is a free to use, ad-less, cookie-less, mobile friendly life tracking website designed for tracking both life totals and counters while playing games of Magic the Gathering. The trackers are designed to be as basic as possible, and provide the bare minimum of functionality.


Open new configured tracker The trackers are customizable, and once setup the way you want, can be saved either as a bookmark or as a desktop link. This allows you to get into your games much quicker than other applications.

For more information about how to setup the tracker url parameters, have a look at the help documentation: help.html

Common Presets

Single Player:

Single player mode contains one life tracker in the top half of the screen, and a series of counters in the bottom half.

Two Player:

Two player mode contains two life trackers. No other counters are shown, instead we recommend opening a separate page for tracking counters explicitly.


As with two players, this allows for a number of players between 3-6. Again, for tracking counters, its recommended you open a separate page or use another device to avoid cluttering the interface.


Developing for mobile can be very tricky as there are many factors to consider, so its not always guaranteed what works on one device works on others. If you are having problems, send a message to @thunder.emperors.command on Instagram and we will try see if we can solve it. Here are some common known issues: